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The first AI-powered platform for personalized beauty

Build exceptional product experiences with an end-to-end BeautyTech solution that unlocks personalization at scale.

Zero-party data

Customers proactively share GDPR, CCPA, and SPC-2 compliant data to create comprehensive, centralized profiles.

1:1 Ultra-personalization

Each beauty product, routine, and experience is designed to a customer’s precise specifications.

AI-driven automation

From the initial online consultation to our efficient manufacturing processes, Singular’s platform handles it all.

API-based architecture

Singular’s platform can operate as a standalone solution or supercharge your infrastructure to enable full personalization.

The Platform

Introducing Singular’s four-module system

Flexible Solutions

  • Brands;
  • Regions;
  • Categories;
  • Brands;
One singular platform.

Forward-thinking beauty brands can use Singular to achieve different levels of personalization.

Haute Personalization
  • Made-to-order products
  • All features customizable
  • Near-unlimited permutations
Mass Personalization
  • Made-to-order products
  • Most features customizable
  • Limited permutations
Features Personalization
  • Small-batch products
  • Designed around few features
  • No MOQs

Case study

Photograph showing range of Prose brand Haircare products

The proof is in the product.

Singular is the AI platform behind Prose, a next-generation hair and skin care brand that has led the beauty industry away from mass-produced, one-size-fits-all products and toward ethically created, one-of-a-kind experiences. Since launching in 2018, Prose has transformed every aspect of the beauty journey, from shopping to shipping. Customers can complete an online consultation and receive a custom set of recommended formulas in a matter of minutes, then review and refine orders to match their needs.

8.7M+unique customer profiles
15M+personalized products made-to-order
60M+AI-generated prescriptions
$500mlifetime sales
500K+five-star reviews
+30ptshigher repeat rate than industry average

Learn more about Prose

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Why Singular?

Personalization works better™

Singular is on a mission to improve the quality and impact of beauty products for our customers, our industry, and our planet.

According to the Vogue Beauty Index, 76% of consumers say they want personalized product options, yet only 23% of beauty brands currently offer them. Singular's hyper-personalized digital and product experiences not only satisfy this demand—resulting in better, stickier customer relationships—they also foster a more sustainable future.


There's an estimated

$32B global demand

for personalized hair and skin care products, representing 13% of the total beauty market.


Boston Consulting Group Study


Personalized beauty formulas lead to

16 points higher satisfaction

than standard products for customers with multiple needs.


Blind Clinical Study


On average, consumers are

increasing their budget by 194%

on the hair category when they transition to personalized beauty.


Prose Internal Data


Singular made-to-order beauty yield

up to 75% reduction

in manufacturing waste.


LCA & Prose Internal data


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